High power bills? Check your Hot Water System!

Often when you have a very high power bill that cannot be explained, the problem is related to the hot water system.

Your hot water cylinder has an overflow, sometimes this is in the form of a pipe that appears above the roof or sometimes it will go directly into a drain. Try to see if there is any evidence of hot water discharge or a small amount of dripping. This is not unusual if the cylinder is heating the water, but this should only be occasional or if a large quantity of water is being heated.

If the hot water has not been used for some time, the pipe/pipes above the cylinder should get cooler very quickly as you move away from the cylinder. If the pipe is still hot, then it is a sign that hot water is being lost somewhere due to a leak, a faulty valve or a running tap. Sometimes a valve may leak (may be intermittently) due to aging or dirt. This can be hard to catch if it happens only occasionally but can very quickly cause high power bills due to wasted hot water.

Un-lagged pipes can waste heaps of energy, especially if the length of pipe is a long run to where the hot water is required.

Try turning the cylinder off for 8 hours when no hot water is being used. Does the water get cold? If so, you have water or heat loss that needs rectifying!

Toilet backing up?

This could be the result of a main water line issue or tree roots blocking the drain. Missing a toilet duck? Yep, these little duckies block drains too!  Remember not to put anything down your toilet except toilet paper!

Be prepared for winter!

Winter brings the cold and the rain.  It is important to check that your downpipes and spouting are not blocked.  This can cause water to come into the house.  If your downpipes and spouting are blocked and you need assistance, call us today.

When life gives you lemons, clean your bathroom! 

Do you have that annoying residue on your bathroom fixtures?  Simply slice a lemon in half and rub it on any hard water stains.

Issues with a blocked drain?

If a slow drain goes unnoticed at first, you can wind up with a half-full tub while several members of your family are still waiting in line to shower. If you don’t have a chemical drain cleaner on hand and a plunger isn’t handling the job, it may be time to get a little creative. In a pinch, you can try using a wire coat hanger as a makeshift snake.

You untwist the hanger and use the curved part as the business end of the snake by squeezing it into an oblong shape. Then you take off the drain cover and slowly fish the end into the drain. Bend the other end of the hanger to a ninety-degree angle and use it as the crank to turn the snake and hopefully drive it into the clog. There’s no way this can replace the effectiveness of a real snake but in case of an emergency this could be a viable solution to your problem.

Once cleared, you may want us to explore your drains further with our drainage camera. Your drains could indicate a tree root problem or some other more serious matter that no coat hanger can solve.

If you need our help, please call us any time!