Drainage & drainlaying

Drainage and drainlaying is a major part of the nation’s health.

In fact the New Zealand government classifies plumbers and drainlayers as health technicians which mean we fall under the same licensing category as the medical industry, requiring annual up-skilling and credits to renew our license.

When building a new home you need to lay new drain pipes to remove both storm water and sewerage. We can assist with all your drainlaying needs, from the initial planning and design through to the physical excavation and laying of pipes.

Home renovations, alterations or extensions are likely to require some modification to the way in which the drains of your existing home are laid.

The design of your new drainage system, installation and replacement can all be done by our professional team.

Maintaining your existing drainage will avoid blocked drains which can cause damage to your home. Drain inspections and maintenance can help to avoid costly repair jobs. Regular drain checks and cleaning can be performed using our camera and hydroblast jet unit.

If existing drains do become blocked, leak or even burst, you can rely on Laser Plumbing to inspect the problem, advise on a course of action and make the repair.

We provide all of these drainage services to all customers, big or small, residential, commercial and industrial.