Specialised Equipment

In addition to our workshop premises, we are equipped with a range of specialised equipment.

This ensures we carry out specialised work that is effective and efficient. We work closely with our key suppliers to ensure you are getting the best quality products on the market at competitive prices. We are continually researching the latest innovative products available and we will always recommend the best plumbing solution for your job.

We have the following equipment for use:

60M Fibre optic drainage camera

We have available a fibre optic drainage camera for inspecting and fault finding those broken drain connections and penetrating tree roots. It has a compact tube shaped camera for easy insertion as well as the capability of capturing pictures in narrow surroundings.

Hydro Blast Jet Unit

We have a mobile high pressure jet drain cleaning unit which is equipped with a 45 metre hose, perfect for unblocking those stubborn drains.

2.0 Tonne Digger

Need more than a shovel? Our digger will see you right! Perfect for digging new effluent fields, trenches or drains. If you have a drain that needs replacing or a new drain to be layed, then using our digger is perfect for the job. It will cut down on time, making the job more efficient. All operators are fully trained and competent.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Our thermal imaging camera is a great tool to quickly and reliably check heating systems. It can discover irregularities in temperature distribution. Thus, thermography can be used to easily locate clogged radiators and leaks. It can measure flow and return temperature and pinpoint the course of heating loops in an underfloor heating system.

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Leak Locator

Our leak locator is an Acoustic leak detection device for pipelines systems. Suitable for both internal and external use. The detector amplifies water flow sound enabling leaks to be easily pinpointed.

Tripod & Winch

Perfect for Confined Space work. Our tripod and winch system is designed for entry within confined space such as manholes, silos, vessels, sewers and underground tanks.

Flexishaft Drain Unblocker

Our Flexishaft Machine is designed to remove build ups & grease. Tiny enough to fit into cramped spaces, yet strong enough to clear even the toughest of soft blockages. Chain knockers expand for wall-to-wall full pipe cleaning allowing us to clear those stubborn blockages.

Call us for a drain inspection any time, it may end up saving you money.