Solar Hot Water

A solar water heating system is an energy solution that uses solar panels to convert natural sunlight into energy. This type of system can be used to provide energy to a hot water storage system for your home or used to create electricity.

There are a number of benefits associated with using solar energy to heat your water or power your home. The two main benefits are the impact of the environment and the impact on your electricity bill as water heating makes up for approximately 38% of your average household power bill.

Solar energy is the most environmentally friendly source of energy available. Being a natural and renewable resource, it doesn’t create pollution when being converted into electricity or being transferred to your hot water system.

Using solar energy is a significant contribution to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Solar water heating can supply 50% to 70% of your needs for water heating. As water heating is one of the largest costs of running a home you can receive large savings annually. Solar power also protects you from continuous rises in electricity prices (at least in relation to your hot water usage).


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