PVC Spouting & Downpipe Repairs

Do you have a leak at the joins of your spouting (also known as guttering), a downpipe that has dropped down off its fitting or the spouting is not falling correctly?

Give us a call. We can come around and fix it for you.

Your spouting and downpipes need constant monitoring to ensure they are not clogged or have developed holes and leaks. If they are blocked, water can leak into your home or simply pour over the edge and not get to where it is supposed to: the stormwater system or your water tank.

Laser Plumbing Taupo can carry out any repairs that need to be done once any leaks have developed. We work with Marley PVC spouting and guttering and can replace any faulty parts or any spouting brackets that have come away from the roof.

We offer the following services:

  • Installation of new PVC spouting and downpipes
  • Repairs to your existing PVC spouting and downpipes
  • Maintenance and cleaning